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Andrew Fraser

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North Ayrshire Council


1. Do you agree that freedom of information legislation should be extended to Registered Social Landlords, as proposed in this consultation paper?

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2. Freedom of Information can be extended to organisations that undertake ‘functions of a public nature’. You may wish to provide comments on how you consider that RSLs undertake functions of a public nature, for example, with reference to the factors referred to earlier in the consultation paper.

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The function which RSLs provide are similar in nature to those provided by local authorities, who are already covered by the Act.

3. The proposed order would be expected to come into force on 1 April 2018. Do you consider this a reasonable timescale, allowing for preparation for inclusion?

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Timescale is reasonable.

4. We would welcome comments on the draft partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment provided at Annex A.

While making information available under FOI changes the culture at our organisation to one of openness there will be costs in dealing with FOI requests and enquiries. It is important that the FOI Commissioner supports authorities who take a proportionate approach to serial and vexatious complainer.

5. We would welcome comments on how these proposals might impact on ‘Equality Groups’ i.e. in respect of age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexuality, children’s rights etc. Comments will inform the Equalities Impact Assessment and Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment to be completed following consultation.

Transparency of decision making can only lead to better decision making which will benefit equalities groups.