Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan (ESJTP)

The way we use and generate energy will be rapidly transformed in the coming years, affecting our jobs, the way we live and the way we do business. This transformation can be an opportunity to build a wealthier, healthier and fairer Scotland. 

Later this year, a new Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan will be published. This will provide a whole-system vision and route map for Scotland’s future energy system. It will look at how individual parts of the energy system – energy generation, distribution and demand - fit together and interact with one another. 

As this changing system will impact all parts of our lives, we want those likely to be most impacted to help identify what needs to be done. We want wide discussion, in order to ensure the transformation is good for Scotland’s people: what are the priorities and where do we most need to see action?

Our plans follow the National Just Transition Planning Framework. This aims to build agreement among citizens, places, businesses and workers. It should also help develop the best ways to maximise or create opportunities, and minimise or reduce risks.   

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