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Please provide reasons why you support or oppose the proposals

please provide reasons why you support or oppose the proposals
I fully support these proposals for the following reasons: We pay Glasgow City Council council tax rates which are significantly higher than those of our neighbours, yet no accessible local services are provided by Glasgow City Council. Access to local facilities is not possible without a car journey of up to ten minutes. The existing boundary is an arbritary line drawn prior to any development work, and in no way reflects the modern town plan. Children starting school who are unsuccessful with placing requests are forced to attend schools which are approximately 10 minutes drive away, and out with their local area. To which they have no direct access. Their friends in the adjacent properties will attend local schools, leading to isolation of young children, exclusion in after school activities and potentially leading to stunted development, producing significant long term issues. Reporting of issues on any of the main access routes into the development would be the responsibility of North Lanarkshire Council to address. The only service provided by Glasgow City Council is refuse collection, which is carried out on a Saturday evening, presumably due strain on resources, and distance from the normal operating area. This service alone does not warrant the significant Council tax payments. Local NHS services (doctors, dentists, pharmacist) are provided by NHS Lanarkshire and not Glasgow.

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Graeme Thomson

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