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Please provide reasons why you support or oppose the proposals

please provide reasons why you support or oppose the proposals
I agree that the area should become a part of North Lanarkshire Council. There is no logical reason for the area to be under Glasgow City Council when ALL immediate neighbouring residential areas are North Lanarkshire. This creates a divide within the community. This results in children who are neighbours having to attend different schools. If the residents of this area wanted their children to attend schools in Easterhouse then they would have bought property there. This property would come at a considerably cheaper premium. The fact that there is no neighbouring residences held under the Glasgow City Council begs the question of why should this change not take place. There may be future plans to develop a road from Easterhouse to Cardowan but that is all they are. Plans. There were plans to double the size of Buchanan Galleries 18 months ago and now these plans are dead in the water. It is fair to say that plans change. To prevent this boundary change due to prospective future proofing is crazy as who knows when or even if this will take place. People buy within the Cardowan area due to the immediate area and close sense of community but this boundary issue creates unnecessary stigma that should be rectified. The house that I bought was from a seller who was selling due to this boundary issue. They did not want their children to go to different schools from their friend in the neighbourhood. This situation is actually causing people to sell their family homes as they are not happy with the circumstances. I can guarantee if this boundary is not changed they will not be the last. This will result in further disruption of the community. Surely the end goal Is a close, happy, stable community desire which Council governs the area but for this a single Council must be applicable to the full area.

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Donald Bannatyne

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