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Maggie clark

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1. Our framework sets out 8 priorities for a new Mental Health Strategy that we think will transform mental health in Scotland over 10 years. Are these the most important priorities?

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If no, what priorities do you think will deliver this transformation?
A more modern approach is required with increased support for youth and adolescence particularly to prevent admission and in particularly in areas out with the main cities. Hospital admission for youth and adolescence needs to be more proactive with increased focus on recovery and psychological support. With a big push for speedy discharge with intensive community follow up and usefull support. Rather than the current dependency model in place. To much focus on the needs of the service and not on the needs of the young person. Mental health services need to be transformed to have a much more person centred approach with modern psychological therapies supported.

2. The table in Annex A sets out a number of early actions that we think will support improvements for mental health.

Are there any other actions that you think we need to take to improve mental health in Scotland?
Increased resources for youth and adolescence services Transformational change across impatient servcices. Person centred approach. Introduce WRAP early in mental health services Better links to support organisations in the third sector Support for youth mental health support such as young minds in rural areas.

3. The table in Annex A sets out some of the results we expect to see.

What do you want mental health services in Scotland to look like in 10 years' time?
Person centred modern approach with psychological therapy the main treatment and medical intervention secondary unless in crisis. A more recovery focussed model with better links and support form the third sector.