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Fiona MacKenzie

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ISD Scotland, NHS National Services Scotland

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1. Our framework sets out 8 priorities for a new Mental Health Strategy that we think will transform mental health in Scotland over 10 years. Are these the most important priorities?

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If no, what priorities do you think will deliver this transformation?
ISD agree with the 8 key priorities.

2. The table in Annex A sets out a number of early actions that we think will support improvements for mental health.

Are there any other actions that you think we need to take to improve mental health in Scotland?
ISD agree with the actions and are well placed to provide data, analytics and intelligence led leadership to evidence the progress and transformations as they are undertaken. We are also able to provide the expertise to help inform development of intelligence resources and indicators that can be used for planning, monitoring, benchmarking, improvement, research and providing independent scrutiny. ISD have a proven record of coproduction and forging links with organisations within and outwith the NHS, e.g. the Police, Education, Third sector, Digital Health Institute, Special Health Boards, IJB’s. All of whom are crucial in delivery mental health care and support as detailed in the actions.

3. The table in Annex A sets out some of the results we expect to see.

What do you want mental health services in Scotland to look like in 10 years' time?
ISD would like to see fully informed people with easy access for those requiring support, good outcomes, support available when and where needed and capacity capable of meeting demand, now and for the entire time frame of the strategy . We would also like to see joined up integrated delivery of care across all professional groups to ensure the best quality of care for people with mental health. ISD can support the evidencing of the results at local service and national level, including using a variety of tools and techniques- data linkage, analyses of the data and the added intelligence from working with partners, interactive dashboards and visualisation, story boarding.