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1. Our framework sets out 8 priorities for a new Mental Health Strategy that we think will transform mental health in Scotland over 10 years. Are these the most important priorities?

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2. The table in Annex A sets out a number of early actions that we think will support improvements for mental health.

Are there any other actions that you think we need to take to improve mental health in Scotland?
Within the "Starts Well" section I would like to see more emphasis on work taking place by mental health practitioners even on a sessional basis, in schools starting at Primary level up through to High Scool. Our children need to learn to talk about what being mentally healthy means, what it looks like for them as an individual and how they can help to keep themselves well. They need to learn about emotions and how to cope with them. This should be given as much credence as diet/exercise. Self harm/anxiety/stress and depression are rife within High Schools and Education services and the children need to be provided with skilled professionals who can help create a more resilient future population.

3. The table in Annex A sets out some of the results we expect to see.

What do you want mental health services in Scotland to look like in 10 years' time?
Proactive instead of reactive