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1. Our framework sets out 8 priorities for a new Mental Health Strategy that we think will transform mental health in Scotland over 10 years. Are these the most important priorities?

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2. The table in Annex A sets out a number of early actions that we think will support improvements for mental health.

Are there any other actions that you think we need to take to improve mental health in Scotland?
Need to ensure that early intervention is built into specialist CAMHS services, so that as well as working with the most chronic cases when the young person reaches school age and adolescence that children and their parents can be seen at the crucial 0-5 year old age. This also entails having clinicians that are trained to work with children this young and their parents, including child and adolescent psychotherapists which there is a major shortage within Scotland.

3. The table in Annex A sets out some of the results we expect to see.

What do you want mental health services in Scotland to look like in 10 years' time?
I would like to see services being available for children and their families when the child is born up until the age of 5 years of age when required. This early period is crucial in children's development and families are more able to link in with services and respond to treatment before problems become chronic. Children under 5 years of age and parents being able to get the help they need when problems begin and getting access to the specialist help they need. CAMHS teams being multi disciplinary and having a range of disciplines to meet this need. This includes child and adolescent psychotherapists. The scottish government has invested in the training of 5 child psychotherapists, however it is unclear if CAMHS teams will build on this momentum and create posts, building on the profession and ensuring that this service will be able available to the children and their families that need this.