Accessibility Policy


  • ‘Skip to content’ and ‘skip to accessibility policy’ are available on all pages.
  • Keyboard users should be able to tab through content and use all functionality.
  • Browsers and assistive technologies that understand WAI-ARIA standards will receive alerts when content on a page changes.
  • Contrast is tested using Colour Contrast Analyser. This uses the Accessibility Evaluation and Repair Tools (AERT) colour contrast algorithm.
  • Access keys have not been implemented with Citizen Space.
  • Font sizing should be changed within the user agent.
  • Javascript has been added using unobtrusive methods to progressively enhance the user experience.


An accessible web site will allow all users of the site regardless of ability to find information and perform transactions.

Two complementary approaches are to carry out user testing and automated/manual testing using WCAG 1.0 & 2.0 guides ( &

The Aims of This Policy

This policy outlines the accessibility targets set to assist in ensuring Citizen Space is available to all areas of society regardless of ability.

Declaration of Accessibility

Delib is committed to ensuring accessibility of Citizen Space for all people (both public and administrators) regardless of ability.


We implement mandatory and recommended metadata based on the Dublin Core standard as described on the Cabinet Office ‘uk gov talk’ website. We ensure our consultations support RDFa markup, to make them indexable and reusable by third parties, including Directgov.

User Groups

During the development of the Citizen Space development user testing and feedback was carried out by COI user groups.

The Shaw Trust Web Accreditation group have carried out basic tasks on the website which have helped to review core accessibility tasks.

Accessibility Levels

Citizen Space aims to reach conformance to the W3C WAI WCAG 1.0 & 2.0 Level AA as far as is technically and feasibly possible.

Where feasible Citizen Space has implemented WAI-ARIA into functionality to aid accessibility.

Citizen Space has been built using ‘progressive enhancement’ making sure that all functionality is usable by people of all abilities whilst making the user experience better for users with modern browsers and assistive technology.