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Carnegie UK Trust

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Section A - A Use of SHS

1.. What are the main social survey topics that you use in the SHS? Please tick all that apply. Please distinguish between the topics in your following answers.

Please select all that apply
Household composition & characteristics of all occupants
Ticked Employment status of the highest income householder
Ticked Household income from employment and other sources
Ticked Health /disability
Transport – cars, fuel spend, and bicycles
Accommodation - type of property, tenure, housing aspirations
SHCS social survey - use of heating, repairs, adaptations
SHCS social survey - energy efficiency and renewables
Ticked Internet access
Ticked Savings and household finances, including housing costs (mortgage and rent)
Ticked Children in the household (childcare, schools, and travel)
Other - please indicate
Please select all that apply
Ticked Key adult characteristics
Ticked Health/disability and caring responsibilities
Accommodation/housing experiences
Ticked Neighbourhoods and community safety (including perception of local crime rate and local police performance, harassment and discrimination)
Education - qualifications
Employment/economic activity
Transport – Travel Diary
Transport – use of private/public transport, congestion
Ticked Perceptions of local government and services
Participation in sports activities
Participation in cultural activities
Ticked Environment – access to the outdoors, green space, land use
Environment – climate change
Ticked Internet access and use
Ticked Volunteering
Other - please indicate

2. . What do you use the SHS for? We are particularly interested in how analysis of SHS data is used for informing, monitoring and evaluating policy and practice decisions, including examples of where analysis has influenced decision making. Please be as specific as possible in your answers.

Please explain
We use the data to identify trends and differences between different social groups in Scotland. For example, we have used the information on access to the outdoors and neighbourhood quality to understand quality of place. We also use the findings on 'influencing local decision making' as a barometer on democratic engagement. We are currently using the employment and income data to better understand how Scotland's economy is changing. We use the data as background in our policy and research reports which in turn aim to influence Scottish Government.

3.. Are there any alternative evidence sources available for the topics and/or questions you use in the SHS?

Please select one item
Ticked No

Section B - Views on options for 2017

4.. What would be the impact of SHS option A for your organisation’s use of the SHS? Please distinguish between the different topics you use when answering.

Please explain
Option A would have a significant impact on our use of the data and its wider impact. From our own projects, we do not think we would anymore be able to carry out detailed cross-tabs and secondary data analysis on data that is collected in different years. This limits our ability to explore relationships between different aspects of life in Scotland. We are less likely to use data that could be considered 'out of date'. In addition to our own projects, we support the Governments use of SHS and other data to produce Scotland Performs (the National Performance Framework). The National Outcomes contained within the NPF are in statute through the Community Empowerment Act (due to commence later in 2016). The Act includes a requirement to publish an annual report on progress. The lack of annual data would significantly reduce the impact of this overview of Scotland's Progress.

5.. What would be the impact of SHS option B for your organisation’s use of the SHS? Please distinguish between the different topics you use when answering.

Please explain
We would not be affected by this change however we would like to know which questions are being removed.

6.. Do you prefer option A or option B?

Please select one item
Option A
Ticked Option B
What is the reason for your option preference?
Option A would have an impact on how much data we use and on the revised national indicators for Scotland Performs. Option B would not have this impact, the overall sample is large enough for the analysis we carry out.

8.. Under option B (reduction in sample size), a small reduction in full sample topic coverage of around 4 minutes (around 7% of questions) is necessary to maintain current ‘one third sample questions’ at around their present sample size. How should this be achieved?

Please select one item
i. By cutting topics completely
ii. By reducing breadth of larger topics
iii. By introducing more biennial topics and questions
Ticked iv. By introducing more one third sample questions

10.. Under option B (cut in sample size), would you prefer local authority data to be published on a:

Please select one item
Ticked Two year rolling average basis every year
Two year basis every two years (i.e. 2017 and 2018 data would be published in 2019, 2019 and 2020 data would be published in 2021)

Section C - Looking Ahead

11.. Looking ahead to 2018-2021 , the Scottish Government may need to make further reductions to the SHS. If this is necessary, would you prefer any further changes to the SHS to be based on:

Please select one item
Ticked i. A reduction in the overall SHS sample size
ii. A reduction in the frequency of SHS data collection
iii. A reduction in SHS topic coverage
iv. Other – please state
Please explain why.
We are primarily interested in Scotland wide data, we would prefer to see reduced sample size but retain the breadth of topics, many of which are only gathered by the SHS.

12.. What would be the impact on the work of your organisation if there were to be a further:

Please be specific as possible in your answers.
We would be concerned if the changes impacted on the Scottish Ministers requirement to publish an annual report on Scotland's progress. Reductions in frequency of collection and topic coverage could result in this outcome. This would have a direct impact on our ability to provide information for Parliament and civil society to hold the Scottish Government to account.

Section D - Any other comments and information about your organisation

13.. Do you have any other comments about the SHS or this consultation?

Please explain
Public policy decisions should be informed by the best available data. We are concerned that reductions in the SHS will limit its use as a tool to inform policy development and hold government to account.

14.. What sector do you work in?

Please select one item
Central government
Local government
Other public sector (e.g. NDPB)
Higher/further education (excluding students)
Ticked Third sector (Voluntary and charity)
Private sector
Journalists / media
Other (please specify)

15.. What is the main topic area(s) that your organisation as a whole focuses on?

Please select all that apply
Ticked Income and wealth
Ticked Communities
Ticked Culture
Young People
Other – please state
If other, please specify