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Part 2: Policy Overview

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Are there any other comments you would like to make on Part 2?§
No comments on Part 2 but comments on Part 6 - Waste Assured Biosolids Limited submits the following comments regarding the Consultation on Integrated Authorisation Framework - Part 6 – Waste: The provisions of the Safe Sludge Matrix (sections 6.4.32 & 6.4.36) The provisions of the Safe Sludge Matrix include guidelines for the safe application of biosolids (treated sludge) in advance of specific crops was agreed between Water UK, the BRC in 1998. Other quality assurance schemes e.g. Red Tractor Assurance and Quality Meat Scotland have recently produced their own versions that now include other organic materials. The terms of these matrices are likely to continually evolve. Assured Biosolids Ltd (ABL) is currently implementing the Biosolids Assurance Scheme throughout the UK. Experience from this scheme has identified that there is a change of responsibility for implementing the Safe Sludge Matrix from the sludge recycler (usually the water company and its contractors) and the farmer. The sludge recycler’s responsibility normally ends upon the satisfactory application of biosolids to land. The farmer would then incorporate the biosolids to the land (where appropriate) and would then be responsible for crop management including the provisions of the Safe Sludge Matrix. ABL requests that careful consideration should be given to the cropping terms of the matrix and the change of responsibility from sludge recycler to farmer.