National Council of Rural Advisers ‘A Rural Conversation: Together We Can, Together We Will’

Closed 24 Jul 2018

Opened 12 Jun 2018

Results updated 1 Apr 2019

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The National Council of Rural Advisers (NCRA) believes that with an appropriate and bespoke support framework, designed by rural Scotland, for rural Scotland, we can not only become even more sustainable but we can flourish. Our vision for a flourishing rural economy is one that offers the potential for growth and the creation of new opportunities, whilst always acknowledging that it is our people and natural assets that provide the foundation for a successful and vibrant rural economy, we must nurture and protect them. 

This consultation will ask the people of Scotland to help input, shape and develop a series of bold and ambitious recommendations for Scottish Government on the creation of that future.

Why your views matter

The National Council of Rural Advisers are consulting in order to explore the opportunities Scotland’s rural economy presents and the potential recommendations for the Scottish Government stemming from these. They would like everyone to be offered the opportunity to take part and co-create this future framework for rural Scotland.

Download the consultation paper.

What happens next

The National Council of Rural Advisers will create and publish a final Recommendations report based on the consultation feedback to the Scottish Government in autumn 2018.


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