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We Asked

We asked for feedback on our draft 2020-23 Corporate Plan to make sure our final Plan fully reflects views from all of Scotland.

The consultation covered activity related to rural estates, coastline, seabed, investing in built development and more.

Helping attract offshore wind investment, supporting new ways of growing food and closer working with communities – particularly on the coastline – are just some of the proposals we asked for views on.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was undertaken to assess the likely environmental effects of the draft Corporate Plan. An Environmental Report, detailing the findings of the SEA, was also consulted on.

You Said

The consultation was open online from 31st August to 9th December. In total 44 responses were received. The responses have provided constructive views and suggestions to questions asked on the draft Plan and the Environmental Report. 

The non-confidential responses to the consultation that were submitted through the online consultation portal are now published and available on this consultation summary page.

We Did

We are currently working through all the responses received and will publish a report summarising the key themes and messages from the consultation. This report will be published here and on the Crown Estate Scotland website.

We will use your feedback to inform the content of the final 2020-23 Corporate Plan which we will publish in April 2020.

We Asked

We sought your views on the appointment and functions of an Independent Child Trafficking Guardian (ICTG); and also on some of the wider operational issues concerned with the provision of a new ICTG service that will support children and young people who are, or vulnerable to becoming, victims of trafficking.

You Said

You provided us with 40 responses to our consultation questions.  These included responses from 19 organisations, 18 Individuals and 3 who wished to remain anonymous.

With regard to the appointment and functions of ICTG’s, our initial analysis of the responses found that a majority were in agreement with the proposed functions of the new role.  A number of helpful suggestions, references and requests for clarification were provided to ensure that the support provided by the new service is robust. 

On the broader issues we asked you about regarding additional support for victims, measures to prevent re-trafficking, data sharing and conduct, you have provided some really helpful suggestions that will inform the design of the new service and any supporting guidance we develop. 

We Did

Responses to the consultation have now been published where permission has been obtained to do so.  Analysis of the responses is ongoing and we will publish a full and more detailed analysis report on the responses we received to this consultation by February 2020.

The responses received will inform the development of the new Independent Child Trafficking Guardian role.  It is anticipated that the role will be fully implemented in 2021 to allow sufficient time to draft regulations and guidance and complete a tendering exercise for the new role.

We Asked

We asked for views on six draft Strategic Police Priorities.

You Said

Overall the draft Strategic Police Priorities were positively received.  There were some areas where respondents felt they could be further developed.

We Did

We have strengthened the priorities in the areas of engaging with local communities, working in collaboration with partners, and supporting the development and wellbeing of the police workforce.