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We asked

Our Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill consultation sought views on wildlife management and the Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill ("the Bill").  It was set out in 2 parts, relating to the use of snares and cable restraints in Scotland and relating to the powers of Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (“Scottish SPCA”) inspectors.  The consultation opened on 22 August 2023 and closed on 3 October 2023.

You said

We received 5,289 responses to our consultation questions. These included responses from 79 organisations and 5,210 individuals. Respondents included animal welfare organisations, land management organisations, sporting organisations, conservation organisations, pest controllers and public bodies.

Respondents were generally supportive of the proposal to prohibit the use of snares to take or kill wild animals in Scotland, and to provide individually appointed Scottish SPCA inspectors with additional powers to aid in their investigations relating to wildlife crime.

A full analysis of the consultation is available on the Scottish Government website.

We did

The Scottish Government intends to implement the proposals set out in the consultation to ban the use of snares and extend the powers of Scottish SPCA inspectors, by amending the Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill at Stage 2.  More information is available on the Scottish Parliament website.

We asked

The Scottish Government has committed to designate at least one new National Park in Scotland by the end of this Parliamentary session in 2026. A draft appraisal framework with broad selection criteria for new National Parks was published for consultation on 11 May 2023. The consultation closed on 4 August 2023. The purpose of the consultation was to obtain views, comments and feedback on the draft appraisal framework and selection criteria for new National Parks.

You said

We received 165 responses to our consultation questions. Almost all were submitted via the Scottish Government’s online consultation platform, Citizen Space. We received responses from 132 individuals and 33 from organisations.

Responses were received from individuals, organisations, public sector bodies, those in the built environment and land management sectors and from the energy sector.

Overall, the key finding from the analysis of responses was that, with some refinement, there was widespread support for the draft appraisal framework.

Quantitative findings

Overall there was a high level of support for the seven criteria in the draft appraisal framework. All criteria were supported by more than 70% of respondents, with three criteria (meeting the special needs of the area, strategic contribution and visitor management and experience) supported by more than 90%.  Each of the 22 components of the criteria was supported by between 72% and 94% of respondents.

Qualitative findings

Noting the overall broad support for the criteria and their components, open comments highlighted a range of views and perspectives.  In several cases, respondents requested more detailed definitions of the criteria or component wording, or for more detail to be provided. There were calls from some respondents for both broader and narrower criteria, and for some, there was an appeal to prioritise certain criteria over others. 

Criterion 5 (added value) recorded the lowest level of agreement of the seven criteria.  Many who disagreed with this criterion highlighted their dislike of the term ‘added value’, often due to their interpretation of this as monetary value or financial gain. Many respondents, whether they agreed or disagreed or were unsure about the criterion, suggested that a clearer definition was necessary.  Several respondents asked for clarity about whether the criterion was intended to be financial or whether value could also speak to environmental, social or cultural heritage outcomes. 

A full analysis of the consultation has been published on the Scottish Government website.

Submitted responses have been published where permission has been given.

We did

The Scottish Government would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide a response to this consultation.  We have taken account of the responses received and the consultation analysis report. 

The responses to this consultation have informed the final version of the appraisal framework for new National Parks which has now been published.   

In particular, we have taken action by refining the appraisal framework in the following ways:

  • We have retained all of the appraisal criteria except for ‘added value’;
  • We have provided guidance for groups wishing to submit a nomination for a new National Park on each of the criteria and we have provided examples of evidence and indicators that groups may wish to include; and
  • We have provided detailed scoring guidance for each criterion.

The appraisal framework will be used to help assess nominations and to inform the decision of Scottish Ministers on the candidate area(s) to be designated as Scotland’s next National Park.

We asked

We asked for your opinion on the Scottish Government’s proposed policy in relation to the content of the Enforcement Regulations.

You said

We received a total of 462 responses to the public consultation.  Of these, 16 were submitted by local authorities and 3 by Community Councils.  14 other respondents also identified their organisation, and 429 were listed as individuals.  All feedback received will help inform the content of the Enforcement Regulations.

We did

We have published non-confidential responses to the consultation and an analysis of the consultation responses (link below).  Preparations are now underway on the Enforcement Regulations and the feedback received from this consultation will help shape that process.

Read the full analysis report.

Read the Scotland’s Pavement Parking Prohibitions - Consultation on Enforcement Regulations for Local Authorities