Bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD): Consultation on phase 6 of the eradication scheme

Closed 7 Feb 2024

Opened 15 Nov 2023

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Since 2010, Scotland’s industry led Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) eradication scheme has reduced the number of Scottish cattle breeding herds with BVD cases from 40% to 9%. We want to hear your views on our proposals for the next phase of the eradication scheme. Your answers will help to shape the next phase of the scheme and will help bring Scotland closer to BVD eradication.

BVD is one of the most important cattle diseases for economics, productivity and welfare. Eradicating BVD will help meet Scotland’s commitment to a Fairer Scotland and Net Zero by making Scotland’s cattle businesses more profitable and sustainable.

Our analysis has shown that by eradicating BVD the average Scottish farm benefits by £2,000 - £14,000 annually (£20 - £70 per cow per year) depending on farm type. By avoiding the need to treat both persistently and transiently infected animals we also reduce our reliance on antibiotics and aid the global effort to combat antimicrobial resistance.

With support from the BVD Advisory Group, Scottish Government officials have identified nine areas where our scheme could be strengthened. These changes, if implemented, would represent phase six of the eradication scheme.

Read the consultation paper for more information, including:

  • More information on the BVD virus
  • More information on the history of the Scottish eradication scheme
  • Our reasoning behind consulting on each proposal

We have also carried out impact assessments of the proposals, which you can access below:

Why your views matter

This consultation sets out nine proposals for phase six of the eradication scheme.

If implemented, these proposals will affect cattle businesses across Scotland and will help to bring Scotland closer to BVD eradication.


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