Wholesalers: Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol and Trade Sales

Closed 26 Oct 2018

Opened 3 Aug 2018


The Alcohol (Minimum Price per Unit) (Scotland) Order 2018 came into force on 1st May 2018 and set the minimum price at 50 pence per unit of alcohol. Minimum Unit Pricing is a mandatory condition of a premises and occasional licence. This means that, in order to comply with a premises and occasional licence, alcohol cannot be sold on those premises below the Minimum Unit Price.
The Scottish Government is aware that there are differing views within the licensing community on whether a wholesaler with a premises licence should apply Minimum Unit Pricing to trade sales or whether trade sales from those licensed premises are exempt from Minimum Unit Pricing.

Why We Are Consulting

The Scottish Government considers a legislative change is required to clarify the position for certain wholesalers as regards compliance with Minimum Unit Pricing, and so is seeking views on the legislative change proposed in the consultation.

The consultation responses will be used to inform the legislative change required to clarify the position as regards Minimum Unit Pricing for certain wholesalers.

Download the consultation paper.


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