The Animal Health Act 1981 Amendment Consultation

Closed 23 Dec 2019

Opened 3 Oct 2019


We are seeking views to strengthen animal health legislation to allow for more effective and proportionate enforcement provisions.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to establish if there is stakeholder support for these proposals to allow for more effective and proportionate enforcement of the Animal Health Act 1981 by introducing fixed penalty notices for less serious animal health offences.

We are seeking expert views from key stakeholders and enforcement agencies about how these new arrangements could work in practice. It's hoped that expert stakeholders will provide us with practical examples and suggestions of how these new arrangements should work.

Furthermore, we are seeking views on the effectiveness of the existing provisions within the Act and whether there are any gaps that could help to improve animal health standards both to help prevent an incursion of animal disease and to control and eradicate disease.

Read the consultation paper.

What Happens Next

Once concluded, the responses from the consultation will be analysed and a report on the findings will be published. Thereafter the responses will be used to inform instructions to legal colleagues to implement the proposed changes to the Animal Health Act 1981, and subsequent secondary legislation.


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