Changing Places Toilets: Building Standards Consultation

Closed 13 May 2019

Opened 18 Feb 2019

Feedback updated 12 Jul 2019

We asked

Should Changing Places Toilets (larger sanitary accommodation for people with more complex care needs) be provided in certain large new non-domestic buildings through the Scottish building standards system. 

You said

We received a total of 1112 responses to the consultation.  Responses were received from 1040 individuals and 72 organisations.

You were overwhelmingly supportive of the requirement for Changing Places Toilets in large new non domestic buildings.  You provided many examples of the positive impact these facilities have of the lives of people with complex care needs, their family, friends and carers.  You offered a number of suggestions on further situations where these facilities could be provided.

We did

We have published the responses to the consultation and an analysis report summarising your responses.   

In consideration of your responses, we have amended consultation proposals. We have now published the 2019 Non-domestic Technical Handbook which introduces a new clause under standard 3.12 (sanitary facilites). This sets out where a Changing Places Toilet should be provided as part of new buildings or new building work. This provision applies from 1 October 2019.

Results updated 10 Jul 2019

The  Consultation Analysis Reports (initial and final) and Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) are published below.


Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


Changing Places Toilets offer larger, supported facilities that address the needs of people for whom current accessible sanitary accommodation is inadequate. These facilities enable people with complex care needs to take part in everyday activities such as travel, shopping, family days out or attending a sporting event.

The proposal is to require these larger sanitary facilities, through building standards, in certain types of larger new buildings.

Why your views matter

A network of Changing Places Toilets exists across Scotland but there is no current legislation requiring their provision within buildings. Regulation to require Changing Places Toilets in defined types of larger new building would increase the provision of such facilities nationally in a proportionate manner.

Through consultation we seek to determine a proportionate and equitable requirement, set through building standards, for the provision of such facilities as part of new development. Such provision would be over and above the current provision of standard and accessible sanitary facilities in buildings.

Read the consultation paper.

Read "Equality Impact Assessment - Results".


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