Consultation on the revised National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland

Closes 17 Jan 2021

Opened 21 Oct 2020


The National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland describes the responsibilities and expectations of everyone who works with children, young people and their families in Scotland. It sets out how agencies should work together with children, young people, parents, families and communities to protect children from abuse, neglect and exploitation. The National Guidance should underpin local multi-agency child protection procedures, guidance and training.

The current version of the National Guidance was published in 2014. As a recommendation of the Child Protection Improvement Programme (2016), the guidance is being revised to ensure it is consistent with the legislative and policy framework and current practice developments.

Why we are consulting

The aim of the consultation is to seek views on the tone, level of detail and approach in the revised guidance, in particular in relation to the description of new or significant aspects, and whether there are any omissions or aspects that have not been adequately addressed.

Consultation responses will be analysed alongside the feedback from online engagement sessions.  Views will inform the final content of the revised National Guidance, and future developments in child protection improvement work more generally. The final revised National Guidance will be published online in spring 2021. This will ensure accessibility and allow the National Guidance to be updated regularly to reflect legislative, policy and practice developments.

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