Pre-Recording Evidence of Child and Other Vulnerable Witnesses

Closed 29 Sep 2017

Opened 29 Jun 2017

Feedback updated 15 Dec 2017

We asked

Your views on pre-recording evidence of child and other vulnerable witnesses in criminal cases.

You said

We received 47 responses, from 16 individuals and 31 organisations.

We did

We published the non-confidential responses and an analysis of the responses to the consultation, available at The responses received will help to shape the Scottish Government's proposals for a Child and Vulnerable Witnesses Pre-recorded Evidence Bill.

Results updated 15 Dec 2017

The consultation received 47 responses, comprised of 16 individuals and 31 organisations. The responses have been analysed and will will help to shape the Scottish Government's proposals for a Child and Vulnerable Witnesses Pre-recorded Evidence Bill.


Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


This consultation seeks views on proposed reforms to criminal law and procedure to address how pre-recorded evidence is taken from child and vulnerable witnesses.

Why your views matter

The 2016-17 Programme for Government set out the Scottish Government’s plans to work with the senior judiciary, courts and other key partners to progress the recommendations of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service’s Evidence and Procedure Review, including the necessary steps to enable child witnesses to provide pre-recorded evidence.

This consultation is one of the steps the Scottish Government is now taking as part of an ambitious and progressive overall programme of work to expand the use of pre-recorded evidence for child witnesses. 

The consultation identifies a number of legislative and practical gaps within the current arrangements which may need to be addressed to enable children to give evidence as early as possible in the process and well in advance of the trial.  We are therefore seeking views on potential reforms that could make significant changes to the current process. Although the initial focus of this consultation is primarily on child witnesses, the consultation seeks views on how any reforms could potentially also be rolled out for vulnerable adult witnesses in the future.

Following your response to this consultation, the Scottish Government will consider all responses and decide what further reforms may be necessary to enable the much greater use of pre- recorded evidence whilst ensuring the rights of a person accused of a crime are maintained.

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