DCF Application Request - Fourth Funding Call

Closed 2 Sep 2019

Opened 15 Jul 2019


The Decommissioning Challenge Fund (DCF) supports projects designed to enhance the Scottish decommissioning market. It seeks to encourage capital projects, infrastructure upgrades and engineering scoping work at key sites. Support is also available to build business cases and feasibility studies that will help to attract additional private investment.

The DCF aims to align with and support cost reduction efforts related to retrieval and disposal/reuse activities, and seeks to compliment the Oil and Gas Authority’s (OGA) ambition to reduce overall decommissioning costs by 35%.

Expressions of Interest are now being accepted. The deadline for full applications is 2 September.


This round of the DCF will seek  to fund capital and resource projects that will help to support the Scottish decommissioning supply chain.   This includes the following criteria of projects: 
  1. Infrastructure upgrades that will enable a facility to increase their competitiveness in securing large-scale onshore decommissioning projects. Applicants within this criteria must already hold the required SEPA licences, or be in the process of obtaining the required licences for needed to undertake onshore decommissioning (e.g. WML, PPC, etc.) or demonstrate that the site has already completed onshore decommissioning work within the last 24 months. Locations which do not meet the above criteria will not be eligible to apply.
  2. Innovation associated with retrieval, transportation and disposal activities that address an industry challenge and/or lead to cost reduction.
  3. Projects that advance Scottish knowledge and skills across the decommissioning sector and lead to greater efficiency or safety, lead to a reduction of emissions, improve waste management and/or advance the circular economy.
  4. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that demonstrate support is required for, infrastructure, training, technology or equipment that will increase the competitiveness of Scotland’s decommissioning supply chain businesses, strengthening the existing supply chain.

Successful projects will need to demonstrate, in line with the requirements of State Aid:

  • Public investment is required to enable the full scope of the project to be achieved
  • Where necessary the project can secure other sources of funding that will make a significant contribution towards the overall cost of the project

Read more about the Decommissioning Challenge Fund.


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