A Consultation on the Digital Strategy for Scotland

Closed 23 Dec 2020

Opened 30 Sep 2020


We live in a digital world. It is changing the way we work, do business, entertain, deliver services, shop and keep in touch with our family and friends, as well as the work of government. It is a source of incredible opportunity – to open new markets, scale rapidly, tackle climate change and make links across the globe. It also brings new challenges around privacy, regulation and social and digital inclusion, and the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the pace of digital transformation, placing it at the front end of service delivery.

Back in 2017, we set out a vision to ensure that Scotland is recognised throughout the world as a vibrant, inclusive, greener, open and outward-looking digital nation. This vision is now even more compelling. However, the nature of digital, and our understanding of the opportunities it provides, have evolved, and the pace of change across the wider economy and society has accelerated.

With this is mind, the Scottish Government and COSLA are aiming to produce a strategy update that:

  • Is big, bold and transformative, and recognises that digital is now at the front and centre of how we live and work;
  • Is a shared vision of where Scotland is going that resonates with everyone that reads it, and encourages them to want to be a part of it;
  • Is a catalyst for bringing together the digital transformation ambitions throughout all sectors in Scotland;
  • Reflects the strategic priorities for Scotland as a whole, rather than a list of actions that are appropriate to individual organisations.

This consultation seeks views on the updated Digital Strategy for Scotland, which will be crucial in helping to build a Digital Scotland.

Why we are consulting

We are committed to working together with stakeholders and people across Scotland to deliver an updated Digital Strategy for Scotland that reflects the changing digital landscape.

Within the consultation document, we have worked in partnership with COSLA to set out what we believe are the key themes in building a Digital Scotland and we want you to think about and suggest the actions we should take together – immediately and over the longer term – to bring the vision into reality.

Read the consultation paper. 

What happens next

This consultation has now closed. Thank you for your input. We will analyse all responses we receive and use them to develop and adapt the strategy. We will then publish a final version of the updated Digital Strategy for Scotland in spring 2021.

In order to keep up-to-date with the progress of the consultation and next steps, please follow our Twitter page and keep an eye on our blog page.


  • Arts, Culture and Sport
  • Business, Industry and Innovation
  • Building and Planning
  • Children and Families
  • Communities and Third Sector
  • Constitution and Democracy
  • Digital
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Equality, Welfare and Rights
  • Farming and Rural
  • Public Sector
  • Health and Social Care
  • Housing and Regeneration
  • International
  • Transport
  • Work and Skills