New build developments: delivering gigabit-capable connections

Closed 12 Dec 2023

Opened 19 Sep 2023

Feedback updated 1 May 2024

We asked

We asked for views on amending the Building Standards system to mandate gigabit-capable connectivity in new build developments up to a cost cap of £2000 per premise to the developer. Where this cap was exceeded a requirement to install a connection using the ‘next best’ available technology available within the cost cap would exist in addition to installing the passive infrastructure required to facilitate a gigabit-capable connection at a later date.

The consultation opened on 19 September 2023 and closed on 12 December 2023.

You said

In total 22 responses to the consultation were received of these 7 were from individuals, 7 from public sector organisations and 8 from organisations in the telecoms or housebuilding sectors.

The majority of responses considered that the proposals would ensure that gigabit-capable digital infrastructure would be placed in the best location to connect to a network distribution point and to ensure early engagement between telecoms operators and developers through the Connectivity Plan. Half considered the costs to be reasonable with a recognition that there was the potential for factors off-site, such as the rurality of a location, or third party land issues considered to be a potential cause of exceeding the cost cap.

Among the respondents a majority supported the inclusion of reference to existing road works guidance within the Technical Handbooks for external physical infrastructure and best practice advice to improve connectivity within an individual dwelling.

A full analysis of the consultation can be found on the Scottish Government website.

We did

The Scottish Government is grateful to those who took the time to provide a response to this consultation. We are carefully considering the results to inform the development of secondary legislation and associated statutory guidance to mandate gigabit-capable connectivity up to a cost cap through the Scottish building standards system.

Revised Building Standards Technical Handbooks will be published and regulations laid later this year to enable these changes.

Results updated 1 May 2024

Our analysis report has been published and is available on the Scottish Government website.


Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


Digital connectivity is changing the way we work, do business and deliver public services. We want to ensure that new build homes are built with future proofed connectivity. To support this ambition the proposals outlined in this consultation will amend building standards with a consistent approach requiring developers to ensure that:

  1. all new build homes are installed with the gigabit-ready physical infrastructure necessary for gigabit-capable connections
  2. a gigabit-capable connection is installed in a new build home subject to a £2,000 cost cap per dwelling
  3. or where a gigabit-capable connection is not being installed, the next fastest broadband connection is installed without exceeding the £2,000 cost cap

This consultation asks for your feedback on our approach to make sure it is proportionate, deliverable and will meet our ambitions.

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Why your views matter

Views in this consultation will inform the development of regulations and updates of the changes to published standards and guidance set under Building Regulations.

What happens next

Once the consultation closes your responses will be analysed and a summary of the findings published in a consultation report. If you have given your permission for your response to be published, with or without your name, these will be published via the Citizen Space platform. 


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