The Future of the Digital Health and Care Website - Survey

Closed 27 Aug 2021

Opened 11 Aug 2021


Work is being undertaken to streamline and refresh the existing Scottish Government digital health and care website to ensure we are communicating effectively with our target audience - including but not limited to health and allied health professionals, social care staff, third sector and housing staff, carers and service providers. 

We want to ensure the website provides information and resources that are up to date, relevant, accessible, engaging and useful to ensure those working in the health, care and housing sectors feel better supported in delivering health and care to the people of Scotland.  The website will incorporate the content from the old e-Health website and the Scottish Government Information Governance website, and consideration is being given to how we will link with the refreshed TEC website. The websites referred to are:



Why your views matter

The current pandemic has seen a rapid growth in the use of digital technologies to support health and care, from the front line workers utilising the technology to digital teams and the public who are able to access new services.  This progress means that our understanding of the opportunities that digital provides has evolved hence the need to ensure our website reflects this. 

The website will support the delivery of the ambitious Digital Health and Care Strategy refresh and new Data Strategy for Health and Care.

The information obtained from this survey will assist the Digital Health and Care Directorate to develop an online presence that reflects the work being carried out in digital health and care and which better meets the needs of its target audience by ensuring their views are sought in relation to website content, accessibility, design, functionality and relevance of information.

Please note that there are no mandatory fields contained within the survey, so you are therefore not required to answer a question in order to move onto the next question.  You are not required to complete your name or email address if you do not wish to do so. 

Thank you in advance. 


What happens next

Once the survey responses have been analysed, the Digital Health and Care team will conduct follow up meetings with willing respondents to get more detailed information about their views for the refreshed website.  An agency will be commissioned to redesign the website based on the findings from survey and follow up engagement as well as ongoing user testing to ensure the website content, functionality, design  meets the needs of the target audience.


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