Clyde Mission Call for Ideas

Closed 29 Mar 2021

Opened 1 Mar 2021


Clyde Mission - The Grand Challenge

The Clyde Mission is a national, place-based, mission to make the Clyde an engine of sustainable and inclusive growth for Glasgow, the city-region and Scotland.



The Clyde Mission seeks to recognise and use the Clyde as a national, strategic asset. The geographical footprint of the Mission covers the river and land immediately next to it (500m) along the length of the river, from the Lowther Hills through to the opening of the river between Gourock and Dunoon.  

To check whether an area is within 500m of the River Clyde, pease enter the address or postcode into the box in the top right corner of the interactive map above.


The Clyde has a distinct place in Scotland’s economic and social history. It has played a key role in the industrial development of Glasgow and Scotland and, as a national strategic asset, has a key role to play in Scotland’s economic future and the transition to net zero.

Public and private investments such as those in the Barclays Glasgow Campus, the Glasgow Riverside Innovation District, the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District and Queens Quay, are bringing new economic life and vibrancy to the Clyde. At the same time, the area’s industrial past has left a legacy of vacant and derelict land and some of the communities close to river are among the most disadvantaged in Scotland.

The Clyde Mission seeks to address the unique opportunities and challenges around the Clyde by ensuring the collective impact of public and private investment is optimised by attracting further investment and by bringing vacant and derelict land back into productive use. It also seeks to address the potential risk that tidal flooding presents to communities, businesses and the city. 

Why are we engaging?

We want the Mission to be shaped by those who live and work in or near the Clyde Mission area, as well as the organisations and businesses which operate in or have an influence on how the river and surrounding land is used. This Call for Ideas starts that process.


  • Arts, Culture and Sport
  • Business, Industry and Innovation
  • Building and Planning
  • Communities and Third Sector
  • Digital
  • Economy
  • Energy
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Equality, Welfare and Rights
  • Public Sector
  • Housing and Regeneration
  • Marine and Fisheries
  • Transport
  • Work and Skills
  • Research