Scottish National Investment Bank

Closed 20 Nov 2017

Opened 20 Oct 2017

Feedback updated 28 Feb 2018

We asked

The Programme for Government 2017/18 outlined Scottish Government plans to  establish a Scottish National Investment Bank. The First Minster appointed Benny Higgins, to lead in developing an Implementation Plan. To inform this process we asked for your views on the role and remit of the bank as well as proposed governance models. We asked for international examples and evidence to support the views held.

You said

We received 1,106 responses with 753 responses coordinated through a Friends of the Earth campaign. Respondents commented on areas of the current landscape that are successful and areas that could be improved by the establishment of a Scottish National Investment Bank, as well as commenting on:

  • The values of a National Investment Bank,
  • Industries and areas on which the Bank should focus,
  • Investment strategies and frameworks,
  • The relationship between the Bank and the existing landscape,
  • A  governance structure.

We did

The findings have been used to inform the development of Mr Higgin’s Implementation Plan and a consultation report has been published alongside this Implementation Plan. As confirmed in the Programme for Government we will establish a Scottish National Investment Bank and will utilise the responses to this consultation to inform proposals.

Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


The establishment of a Scottish National Investment Bank was a key measure announced in the Programme for Government 17-18 on 5 September 2017, with Benny Higgins, CEO of Tesco Bank, appointed by the First Minister to lead work on an Implementation Plan.

Why your views matter

As a critical new investment in the development of Scotland’s economy, the Scottish National Investment Bank will work for the benefit of the people of Scotland. As such we are keen to ensure that the people of Scotland are given the opportunity to express their opinions on the final configuration of the Bank.


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