Scottish Independence Bill: a consultation on an interim constitution for Scotland.

Closed 20 Oct 2014

Opened 16 Jun 2014

Feedback updated 10 Dec 2014

We asked

For your answers to questions on the Scottish Independence Bill, which provides for Scotland to become an independent State in March 2016 and set out a draft interim constitution

You said

a wide range of comments across all questions. Overall the balance of opinion was in favour of the proposals.

We did

The Scottish Independence Bill had its place in the overall debate that lead to the Referendum on 18 September but the Government will obviously not be pursuing the Bill now.

Published responses

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The Scottish Independence Bill sets out the interim constitutional platform which would serve as the basis for the government of Scotland from Independence Day.  The Scottish Independence Bill would be introduced to the Scottish Parliament in the event of a vote for independence in the referendum. 

The Bill provides for Scotland to become an independent state; provides an interim constitution for Scotland which would apply from Independence Day; and provides for a permanent written constitution to be drawn up post-independence by an independent Constitutional Convention.  The Bill would be accompanied by a renewed Scotland Act, fully revised and refreshed to operate for an independent country. 

Why your views matter

The aim of this consultation is to encourage discussion and stimulate debate on the interim constitutional arrangements which would exist from Independence Day.  It is therefore important and right to consult the people of Scotland now and ensure that their views are taken into account in developing the interim constitutional platform. 

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What happens next

Responses to this consultation will inform how the interim constitution will look in the event of a yes vote.  The interim constitutional arrangements set out in the Bill would apply until a permanent written constitution could be drawn up post-independence.  The permanent written constitution would be drawn up by a Constitutional Convention, established by the first independent Scottish Parliament elected in May 2016.