Energy Performance Certificate reform consultation

Closed 16 Oct 2023

Opened 25 Jul 2023


The purpose of this consultation is to set out the Scottish Government’s final proposals for Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) reform and to seek stakeholder views ahead of the introduction of new legislation.

We are consulting on reforms to both domestic and non-domestic EPCs. The content, methodology, and policy environment for the two types of EPC are very different. Neither the metrics nor methodology can be compared, as described later in the consultation. However, we are consulting on both EPCs as they both have a key role to play in meeting net zero. The principles of ensuring EPCs are an appropriate tool for the role that they play, are accessible and clear, and that the value of the data they gather and hold is maximised.

Read the consultation paper

This consultation paper sets out the following:

  • Section 2 sets out the current EPC system in Scotland;
  • Section 3 summarises stakeholder recommendations for reform, and previous research, working groups and consultation;
  • Section 4 presents our proposals for EPC reform;
  • Section 5 sets out the proposed timeline for implementing the reforms.

Engagement events

These sessions provide a chance to discuss the EPC reform consultation paper and address issues with Scottish Government officials, stakeholders and other interested parties.

Sign up to one of our upcoming EPC reform workshops:

Monday 14 August 2023: Domestic Reform

Tuesday 29 August 2023: Non-Domestic Reform

Wednesday 04 October 2023: Quality Standards & Assurance and the Future of EPCs

Wednesday 11 October 2023: Consumer

Why your views matter

Following this consultation, we intend to introduce revised Energy Performance of Buildings (Scotland) Regulations to the Scottish Parliament in Winter 2023-24, subject to the necessary legislative vehicle being in place. This would mean that revised Energy Performance Certificates come into force shortly afterward. This timeline is intended to allow reformed EPCs, with metrics that appropriately reflect the performance of buildings, to be in place in advance of wider Heat in Buildings regulations, which are planned for 2025. However we will review UK Government’s timeline for development of Standard Assessment Procedures (SAP) 11, which may provide a more appropriate point to introduce the reformed EPC. SAP 11 is planned be launched in 2025.

What happens next

This consultation is currently being analysed alongside responses made to the related consultation on proposals for a Heat in Buildings (HiB) Bill, which closed in March 2024.  We want to ensure that responses to both consultations are considered in the round, given the important relationship between EPC reform and the role that EPCs could play in supporting the proposals for a HiB Bill.


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