Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan consultation

Closed 9 May 2023

Opened 10 Jan 2023

Feedback updated 28 Sep 2023

We asked

The draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan was published for consultation on 10 January 2023 and set out our vision for an energy system that delivers affordable, resilient and clean energy supplies.

The consultation provided an opportunity for communities, workers, citizens and businesses to engage in the process of designing Scotland’s energy transition. The purpose of the consultation was to:

1. seek views on our vision and the actions we are taking to transition to an affordable, resilient and clean energy system; and

2. understand how we secure the maximum social and economic benefits from the energy transition for Scotland.

The consultation included 58 open-format questions and considered the following key themes: preparing Scotland for a just energy transition; scaling up renewables and reducing our reliance on other energy sources; energy demand; and ensuring that we create the conditions for a net zero energy system. We also asked for views on just transition outcomes, potential impacts of the strategy and for feedback on the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the draft plan.

During the consultation period, a series of engagement events also took place to encourage discussion on a just energy transition. This included open, online workshops, specific industry-led events, thematic and sector specific engagement and awareness raising sessions open to everyone.

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The consultation on the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan closed on 9 May 2023 and received 1,598 responses; 242 of these came through Citizen Space and 1,356 were submitted by email.

71% of respondents were organisations and 29% of respondents were individuals.

We commissioned independent, qualitative analysis of the consultation responses and the analysis report has been published on the Scottish Government’s website. The report presents the findings of the consultation and explains the methodology used to analyse the responses. We have also published the consultation responses in accordance with respondents’ preferences.

We did

We are fully considering stakeholders’ views and the responses to the consultation will inform the final Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan. The consultation responses will also provide useful feedback and evidence for the associated impact assessments, helping to identify and address unintended consequences.    

We are continuing to work through the details of the analysis and plan to publish the final version of the Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan by Summer 2024. Reflecting our ongoing commitment to a fair transition for all, we will continue to engage with a range of stakeholders as we work towards the final publication.

Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.



To realise our climate change ambitions, we need to transform the way Scotland generates, transports and uses energy. We must seize the huge opportunity this presents and deliver maximum benefits to Scotland’s people, workers, communities and economy from our vast renewable energy resource.

The draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan sets out the scale of that opportunity and provides clarity on how Scotland will prepare for a just energy transition.

The draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan sets a vision for Scotland's energy system to 2045 and a route map of ambitions and actions that, coupled with detailed sectoral plans and the forthcoming Climate Change Plan, will guide decision-making and policy support over the course of this decade. 

Read the consultation paper 

We also consulted on the Strategic Environmental Assessment for the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan.

Read the Environmental Report

On 3 March 2023 the Scottish Government extended the consultation period for the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan from 4 April 2023 to 9 May 2023. This followed the publication of independent, in-depth analysis of Scotland’s energy requirements. We committed to publish this analysis during the consultation period and the extension was designed to help ensure that everyone had time to consider the findings and engage in the conversation about our future energy system.


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