Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme: Second Consultation on Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategies, and Regulation of District and Communal Heating

Closed 20 Feb 2018

Opened 14 Nov 2017

Published responses

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In January 2017, as part of the broader Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme, the Scottish Government published a high level policy scoping consultation paper on Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategies (LHEES), and regulation of district heating. It was part of a suite of consultations on the draft Climate Change Plan, the draft Energy Strategy and related activity. The consultation run between 24 January and 18 April 2017.

Based on the evidence and views gathered from stakeholders during the first consultation, this consultation document sets out our more specific policy proposals for Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategies and regulation of district and communal heating. We are interested to hear your views on the proposals set out and we invite you to contribute to help inform how we develop these proposals further. 


View full consultation paper here

Why your views matter

In this follow-up consultation that seeks views and further evidence on more specific policy proposals that were developed to support:

  • a coordinated approach to the local planning and delivery of energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation programmes within SEEP, we are consulting further on our proposal to create a statutory framework for Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategies,
  • appropriately-sited, low carbon, affordable district heating. The Scottish Government is consulting further on the development of a policy and regulatory system which will see district heating develop in a strategic manner, and provide appropriate conditions on the ground to accelerate delivery of district heating and to grow this market. In order to achieve this we are consulting further on a proposed regulatory framework. 


  • Environment and Climate Change