Consultation on a change of policy for the disposal of animal by-products in parts of Scotland currently designated as remote areas as defined under the Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2013

Closed 19 Sep 2015

Opened 19 Aug 2015

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The European Commission received a complaint against the UK alleging breaches of Union legislation regarding the collection and disposal of animal by-products (ABP) from aquaculture establishments in Scotland. Following discussions with the European Commission, they have confirmed that the Scottish Government is not implementing the derogation for remote areas correctly. To comply with European legislation, the Scottish Government is in the process of changing the policy that allows ABPs to be disposed of under the current derogation, i.e. “by burning or burial on site or by other means under official supervision which prevent the transmission of risks to public and animal health in the designated ABP remote areas”. The current designated ABP remote area covers a large part of the Highlands and most of the Islands in Scotland. This change in policy will limit what species of livestock can make use of the derogation. ABPs from species of animals that are not allowed to take advantage of the remote areas derogation will have to use an approved ABP disposal route e.g. disposal via an incineration or processing (rendering) plant or by sending it to a compost or anaerobic digestion (biogas) plant. 


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