Developing a natural capital market framework: survey

Closes 3 Jun 2024

Opened 16 Apr 2024


Natural capital is our geology, soil, air, water, plants and animals. We depend on our natural capital for goods and services that make our lives possible and worthwhile.

Public and private investment will be needed to restore and improve our natural capital. We are committed to ensuring that this investment is responsible; that it contributes to a just transition, benefits communities and achieves robust environmental outcomes.

Our forthcoming Natural Capital Markets Framework will strengthen our existing Interim Principles for Responsible Investment in Natural Capital and set out our approach to using public spending more effectively to leverage in responsible private capital.

We are using the ‘Scottish Approach to Service Design’ to develop the market framework. Our process includes:

  1. discovery phase – to identify key areas of debate (complete);
  2. engagement phase – to discuss key issues with interested participants; (current); and
  3. validation phase – to sense check early drafts of the market framework ahead of publication (summer).

Our survey asks questions to hear what you think. We're using it, along with meetings and workshops, to involve different people in creating a market framework. If you've already shared your thoughts in a meeting or workshop, you don't have to fill out this survey too.

The engagement paper summarises the key market development issues. You may find it useful to read or refer to when considering your response. 

Please note that while we value your input, this survey does not constitute a formal consultation, and individual responses will remain confidential and will not be published.

Useful information about responding to this survey

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Once you have submitted your response, you can enter your email address to get a pdf copy of your answers sent to you.

On the 'About You' page at the end of this survey, organisations will have the opportunity to tell us more about their work and/or how their response was informed.


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