Delivering Scotland’s circular economy: a consultation on proposals for a Circular Economy Bill

Closed 22 Aug 2022

Opened 30 May 2022

Published responses

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This consultation seeks views on the Scottish Government’s proposals for legislation to develop Scotland’s circular economy.

A circular economy is one in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible. It can benefit the environment, by cutting waste and carbon emissions; the economy, by improving productivity and opening up new markets; and communities, by providing local employment opportunities.

The consultation sets out a number of areas in which we are seeking views on whether to take powers within a new Circular Economy Bill. These are split into 4 sections: Strategic Interventions; Reduce and Reuse; Recycle; and Littering and Improving Enforcement.

The proposals in the consultation form part of the wider plans for a step-change in our approach to reducing, reusing and recycling materials as part of our transition to net zero emissions.

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Why your views matter

The focus of this consultation is to gather views on our planned approach to developing a circular economy in Scotland. Consultation responses will be analysed and will inform the circular economy bill which will be laid in Parliament.

The Scottish Government wants to make sure a broad range of people can have their say on the proposals contained within the bill as Scotland transitions to a reuse society.


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