Scottish Forestry Corporate Plan Consultation

Closes 5 Feb 2020

Opened 8 Jan 2020


Scottish Forestry is a new executive agency and this will be our first Corporate Plan. We hope it will help inform stakeholders about our role, strategic direction and priorities.

This consultation will target those with an interest in the regulation, management and growth of forests and woodlands, and seek their views as to whether they agree or disagree with the content of the draft plan.

Why We Are Consulting

The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of all who have an interest in policy, support and regulation of forests and woodlands across Scotland.

We are particularly interested in hearing views on our proposed purpose, and three strategic goals, which will frame the delivery of our work over the next three years.

Following this consultation, we will revise the draft strategy, taking into account the views expressed, as well as updating it where necessary to reflect developments since the draft was published. A breakdown of responses and how they were addressed will be published.

  • The Corporate Plan provides us with an opportunity to explain Scottish Forestry and our role. We would like to know that the content of our Corporate Plan effectively communicates what we do and is easy to understand.
  • It will help us to test whether people agree with our Purpose.
  • We can obtain feedback on whether they agree with our Strategic Objectives.
  • We would like to hear how we can create opportunities to work with people from different equalities groups and/or socio economic backgrounds.

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