The Future of Forestry in Scotland

Closed 9 Nov 2016

Opened 31 Aug 2016

Results updated 13 Feb 2017


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The Scottish forestry sector contributes substantially to our rural economy and a number of social and environmental outcomes, including climate change mitigation, biodiversity, natural flood management, recreation and people’s health and wellbeing.

Scottish Ministers currently determine strategy and policy for forestry in Scotland but the management of forestry - including of the Scottish Ministers’ National Forest Estate - has remained with the Forestry Commissioners (a UK Non-Ministerial Department and, since devolution, a cross-border public authority).

This consultation is primarily about completing the devolution of forestry to make the management of forestry directly accountable to Scottish Ministers.

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Why your views matter

The aim of this consultation is to gather views on our planned approach to new arrangements for the governance, development, support and regulation of forestry in Scotland. Consultation responses will inform our policy on how this can best be achieved.


  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Farming and Rural