Reducing health harms of foods high in fat, sugar or salt

Closed 9 Jan 2019

Opened 2 Oct 2018

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Too many of us in Scotland have a poor diet and an unhealthy weight, which can have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. This is in part because we generally consume too many calories and too much fat, sugar and salt.

In seeking to reduce population-level intakes of calories, fat, saturated fat, free sugar and salt, we are seeking views on restricting the promotion and marketing of food and drink high in fat, sugar or salt with little or no beneficial nutritional value where they are sold to the public.

Why We Are Consulting

We consult because we want better policy – and better outcomes as a result.

As part of the consultation on a draft strategy for diet and healthy weight (October 2017- January 2018), views were sought on: (1) types of price promotion and (2) defining the foods (i.e. food and drink) to be targeted.

We are now seeking views on more detailed proposals, including on (a) identified categories of food and drink that would be targeted; (b) forms of promotion and marketing that would be restricted; (c) places the restrictions would apply and (d) enforcement and implementation.

This will help us assess whether the proposed measures are proportionate and would deliver beneficial outcomes.

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