Welfare Foods - a consultation on meeting the needs of children and families in Scotland

Closes 28 Jun 2018

Opened 5 Apr 2018


The powers over Welfare Foods have been devolved to Scotland through provisions in the Scotland Act 2016. As part of the Scottish Government’s drive to give children the best start in life, improve health outcomes and tackle inequality, this consultation is asking how best to take forward these powers to better meet the needs of children and families in Scotland. Welfare Foods includes the current UK Healthy Start Vouchers and Nursery Milk Scheme.

Why We Are Consulting

The Scottish Government is consulting on this unique opportunity to develop an effective and proportionate Welfare Foods package for Scotland that reaches the right children at the right time, makes it easier for families to make healthier choices, improves delivery and makes best use of resources. This consultation seeks the views from all who will be affected by the devolution of Welfare Foods and provides the opportunity for all interested parties to comment.

Download the consultation paper.

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