Health and Social Care Strategy for Older People

Closed 27 Jun 2022

Opened 8 Mar 2022

Results expected 20 Jul 2022

Feedback expected 19 Sep 2022

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shone a spotlight on older people, who were amongst the worst affected by the virus in society.  In fact, 73.3% or almost three quarters of those currently on the COVID-19 highest risk list are 55 years of age or over.  As we rebuild and remobilise the NHS in Scotland, we have a significant opportunity to ensure that older people are placed at the centre of that recovery and focus on a preventative, joined up approach to healthy ageing in older people.

It is clear that many older people’s health and social care services need to adapt now to ensure that health and social care services can adapt to the increasing ageing population and the complex health care needs that older people can have.

In March 2021, we published our Statement of Intent, setting out our plan to develop a new integrated health and social care strategy for older people.  We committed to developing the strategy with older people, and the people and organisations which support them.

This strategy will build on the work which has already been undertaken across Scotland to deliver integrated, person centred health and social care for older people, address gaps, and develop any new priorities from emerging areas of work from, for example, the impact of COVID-19.

This consultation forms part of the engagement to develop the new health and social care strategy for older people.

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As well as this consultation paper we will also carry out an extensive consultation and public engagement exercise where we will meet with a wide range of older people, the organisations that support then and clinicians and health professionals who are involved in the provision of health and social care.  If you would like to host an event with us, please contact us at


Why your views matter

The Scottish Government’s ambition is to make Scotland the best place in the world to grow old.  As people in Scotland get older they experience a great quality of life though safe, integrated, person centred health and social care.  They are able to live actively, and drive the decisions about their health and wellbeing; with their human rights respected and their dignity protected.

Ageing is inevitable but ageing in poor health should not be. It is important for everyone in Scotland that we make sure our health and social care services are delivering for older people so that we can grow older healthier and live independently.  Hearing the views of a wide range of people will therefore be an important part of developing this new strategy.

What happens next

The consultation has now closed.  The consultation responses will be analysed and along with feedback from our engagement events will be used to form a final Health and Social Care Strategy for Older People which will be published later in 2022. 


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