Consultation on Fire and Smoke Alarms in Scottish Homes

Closed 1 Dec 2017

Opened 8 Sep 2017


This consultation seeks views on possible changes to standards required for fire and smoke alarms in Scottish Homes. We propose extending the current minimum safe standards in private rented housing to other tenures.

Why We Are Consulting

On 14 June 2017 a major fire spread rapidly through Grenfell Tower, a 24 story residential high rise building in London, with at least 80 people losing their lives. Following the tragedy, the Scottish Government set up a Ministerial Working Group (MWG) to oversee a review of building and fire safety regulatory frameworks in Scotland. The MWG will be considering wider proposals for actions to reduce the risk of fire and will look at fire safety in other types of building (such as schools and hospitals). As a first step , the MWG agreed that this consultation concerning fire and smoke alarms in Scottish homes should be prioritised.


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What Happens Next

Once the consultation has closed, responses will be analysed to inform the decision-making process, together with a range of other available information and evidence.


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