Housing to 2040: consultation on outline policy options

Closed 28 Feb 2020

Opened 2 Dec 2019

Published responses

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The consultation asks for your views on the Scottish Government’s draft vision and principles for our homes and communities in 2040, and your suggestions for innovative, bold and imaginative proposals in order to deliver the housing to 2040 vision. Your views will help to inform the Scottish Government’s final vision and route map to 2040.

Why your views matter

The Scottish Government’s ambition is that everyone in Scotland should live in high quality, energy efficient homes that are affordable and that meet their needs. In last year’s Programme for Government, we committed to work with stakeholders on a vision for how our homes and communities should look and feel by 2040 and the options and choices to get there. This year we reaffirmed that commitment.

Housing is embedded in so much that we want to achieve. It has a vital role to play in meeting many of our aspirations, including eradicating child poverty and homelessness, ending fuel poverty, tackling the global climate emergency and promoting inclusive growth. We want to ensure that we have a housing system that is dynamic and resilient enough to respond to future changes and challenges, such as our ageing population. This means that business as usual is not an option.

Now is the time to reimagine our housing system and we want to work together with the whole of Scotland to create a shared vision for 2040. We want to hear people’s views on the draft vision and principles and their innovative, bold and imaginative ideas for how to make them a reality.

Consultation is an essential part of the policy making process and your views and ideas will help the Scottish Government shape the Housing to 2040 vision and route map, which we are aiming to publish in summer 2020.

Read the consultation paper.

What happens next

The Scottish Government will bring together all of the feedback received in this consultation and use this to help inform their vision and route map for Housing to 2040, which we are aiming to publish in summer 2020.


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