Draft Proposals for a ‘No-blame’ Redress Scheme in Scotland for Harm Resulting from Clinical Treatment

Closed 12 Aug 2016

Opened 23 Mar 2016


This consultation is for anyone who would be affected in anyway by a change in the
compensation arrangements for injuries resulting from clinical treatment. There are a
number of interests at stake, for example: NHS and private patients or staff; patient‟s
families; carers; NHS Boards; healthcare professionals; NHS and private healthcare
providers, equipment suppliers, regulatory bodies, Royal Colleges, medical defence
associations; and the legal profession.

The consultation paper explains the background to the work undertaken by the Nofault
Compensation Review Group established by the Scottish Government in 2009.
It should be read in conjunction with the Review Group‟s report, the Researcher‟s
Study report
and the Scottish Government response to the consultation on the
Review Group‟s recommendations.

In particular the consultation seeks views on the proposals for:

  • principles and eligibility criteria
  • scope
  • legislation
  • continuing care costs
  • administration, independence and funding
  • appeals process


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  • Equality, Welfare and Rights
  • Health and Social Care