Consultation on protective orders for people at risk of domestic abuse

Closes 29 Mar 2019

Opened 21 Dec 2018


The consultation seeks views on proposals to create new protective orders that could be used to keep people at risk of domestic abuse safe by banning perpetrators from their homes and on also seeks views on whether changes are needed to the current system of exclusion orders which allow a victim of domestic abuse to apply to suspend the right of their partner to live in the family home.

In contrast with existing civil measures such as Non-Harassment Orders and Exclusion Orders, the approach proposed in the consultation would not require the person at risk to make the application to the court themselves for one of these protective orders. This may be key to ensuring the safety of a person at risk, especially where the effect of abuse, and especially coercive control, is such that that they are not in a position to initiate civil proceedings against the person putting them at risk.

Why We Are Consulting

Consultation is an essential part of the policy making process. Responses to the consultation will be used to help inform development of policy on the introduction of new protective orders and consideration of whether changes are required to the existing law concerning exclusion orders.

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