Improving victims' experiences of the justice system: consultation

Closed 19 Aug 2022

Opened 12 May 2022


The Scottish Government’s new Vision for Justice in Scotland, published in February 2022, sets out our clear and compelling vision for a just, safe and resilient Scotland.

We are committed to a transformational approach to justice reform to ensure the system meets the needs and values of today’s society, and the society we want to see in the future. This means putting people at its heart, redesigning historical processes where they no longer meet our needs and reforming in the interests of better outcomes for those who come into contact with the system.

The Vision sets out the route to a transformed system. Our priorities are focused on delivering person-centred and trauma-informed practices across the justice sector, including taking greater action, in particular, to improve the experiences of women and children and to hear victims’ voices. These issues are particularly relevant to the victims of sexual crime. The Scottish Government is resolute in its commitment to deliver a justice system in which all victims of crime, including the survivors of sexual abuse, can have confidence.

The principles of person-centred and trauma-informed practice underpin our Vision and are central to this consultation, which is part of the extensive programme of work we are progressing to modernise our justice system. The consultation focuses on proposed legislative reforms which aim to strengthen the rights and improve the experiences of victims of crime as they engage with the process of justice. Some proposals apply to the victims of any type of crime while others relate specifically to sexual offence cases.

The consultation supports delivery of our commitment to empower and protect victims of crime through improving justice services, as set out in the Programme for Government 2021-22, and takes forward the work of the Victims Taskforce and recommendations from Lady Dorrian’s Review of the management of sexual offence cases which do, or may, require a legislative underpinning. 

The proposals we are seekng your views on are:

  • establishing a Victims’ Commissioner for Scotland
  • options to underpin a trauma-informed and person-centred approach across the justice system
  • special measures to assist vulnerable parties involved in civil cases
  • review of the requirement for people accused of crimes to provide details of their proposed defence in a statement provided to the court
  • new statutory underpinning for anonymity for complainers in sexual offence cases
  • independent legal representation for sexual offence complainers where request is made to lead evidence in court which relates to their sexual history and/or bad character;
  • the potential establishment of a new specialist criminal court dealing with serious sexual offences
  • consideration of issues relating to single judge trials for serious sexual offence cases

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Why your views matter

It is our intention that any reforms taken forward as a result of this consultation will be a priority for action, including proposed legislation, over the parliamentary session and that these will represent part of a programme of strategic, managed transformation of the justice system.

This consultation provides you with a valuable opportunity to help shape how important changes - which are part of a wider programme of reform - can be delivered in order to ensure that we have a truly person-centred and trauma-informed justice system that the people of Scotland can have confidence in.


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