Let's Talk Scottish Education - feedback from group discussions

Closes 5 Dec 2022

Opened 20 Sep 2022


Your activities will help prepare your group to answer the national discussion's consultation questions.

This web form is the easiest and most thorough way for one person to feedback the points raised by their group's discussion. The form also offers you the chance to upload anything that might help describe the content of your group's discussions (e.g. videos, photos, mind maps, drawings etc). 

Please know, that if there are people in your group who want to submit their own personal thoughts please encourage them to use the online survey directly.

If neither of these options fit your group's needs, you can instead email a summary to nationaldiscussiononeducation@gov.scot or add content to Instagram or Twitter with using #TalkScottishEducation. Please remember to include a rough description of who was in your group and how many people took part.

Why your views matter

A National Discussion about the future vision of education and the changes required to realise this vision in practice, is not only timely but also vitally important. If solutions to the upcoming global and local challenges are to be found and children’s rights in this world are to be respected, we need to talk about education.

That’s why we need to listen carefully to you want from the future of Scottish education. 

Follow #TalkScottishEducation on Twitter or Instagram to keep up with the discussion. 

The discussion will conclude on 5th Dec 2022. We look forward to reporting back to you in Spring 2023 on the vision you've informed.


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