Consultation on the introduction of mandatory Sheep Carcase Classification

Closed 26 Jan 2018

Opened 24 Nov 2017

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The Scottish Sheep Sector Review -  ‘A pathway to a profitable future: a vision for the future of the Scottish sheep industry’ recommended the need for a comprehensive review of price and grade reporting protocols that would result in better reporting of carcase size, appearance and eating quality.

Currently, the UK and Scotland do not enforce mandatory carcase classification or price reporting of sheep . However we are aware that the majority of Scottish Slaughterhouses do classify sheep carcases in conjunction with the SEUROP payment grid, and one voluntarily price reports.

In accepting this recommendation the Scottish Government is proposing to act on the sheep industry request by introducing a mandatory sheep carcase classification system.  

Following a review of the sheep sector in Scotland there was a recommendation from the industry to review price and grade reporting protocols.

The Scottish Government accepted this recommendation and are therefore looking to introduce mandatory sheep carcass classification.

Please be aware that as mentioned in the consultation document, we are working on changes to the Beef and Pig Carcase Classification (Scotland) regulations 2010, which has a strict legislative timetable. In order to meet this timetable, this consultation will be run for a shorter period of 7 weeks.

View the full consultation paper here.


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