Administrative Boundary Review at Cardowan

Closed 6 Sep 2017

Opened 15 Jun 2017

Results updated 20 Apr 2018

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland submitted its report to Scottish Ministers on 20 April 2018, making recommendations for the realignment of the administrative area boundary between Glasgow City council area and North Lanarkshire council area at Cardowan by Stepps.

Further information on the review can be found on the Commission's website, including a copy of the Report and responses to the consultations.

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The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland has decided to undertake a review of the boundary between Glasgow City and North Lanarkshire council areas at Cardowan, Stepps.

The boundary review was initiated following a large number of requests from local residents in Glasgow City Council area who argued that they had stronger ties with North Lanarkshire Council area and felt they were disadvantaged by being in a different council area from neighbours in the same development.

The Commission consulted with both Glasgow City Council and North Lanarkshire Council earlier this year and they both raised concerns about any change to the council area boundary at Cardowan.


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