Non-domestic rates: decapitalisation rates for the 2023 revaluation

Closes 13 Mar 2022

Opened 20 Dec 2021


The next revaluation of non-domestic property in Scotland is due to take effect from 1 April 2023 based on rental values as at 1 April 2022 (the 'tone date'). At revaluation Scottish Assessors review rateable values resulting in a new valuation roll for all non-domestic properties in Scotland. While most rateable values are based on estimated annual rent, around 9% of subjects, accounting for 22% of total rateable value are derived using the contractor's basis method of valuation.

In the contractor's basis method of valuation, the capital value (cost of rebuilding) of a property is estimated, then a decapitalisation rate is applied to give an annual equivalent rateable value.

This consultation paper paper invites views on the prescription of the decapitalisation rate(s) to be used when non-domestic subjects are valued using the contractor's basis for the next revaluation.

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Responses to this consultation will be analysed and taken into account as Scottish Ministers consider the setting of decapitalisation rates in advance of the next revaluation.

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