National Marine Plan 2 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report

Closed 30 Oct 2023

Opened 25 Sep 2023

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Not only in Scotland, but globally, the decisions that govern our oceans are vital to the future of our planet. We require a new National Marine Plan that reflects the significant challenges and opportunities of today.   

Scotland’s National Marine Plan (NMP) was published in 2015. Following statutory reviews and listening to feedback we received on the current plan, last year Scottish Ministers committed to update and replace the NMP (NMP2).

The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 requires that a sustainability appraisal is undertaken to assess the impact of the proposed policies within the National Marine Plan 2 will have on marine sectors, communities and the marine environment. This includes a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)  which is an iterative process that occurs alongside the development of NMP2. This process is designed to allow for assessment of draft planning policies to determine likely significant impacts of these policies on the environment, and subsequent adjustment to policy in the plan where required, to minimise identified impacts. 

An Environmental Report that outlines the findings of the environmental assessment will be produced and will be consulted upon alongside the draft plan and other associated assessments. 

The first stage in the SEA is a scoping exercise culminating in the production of a scoping report. The report sets out the remit of the SEA, including determining the level of detail to be covered in the assessment, and an early consideration of potential environmental impacts. The SEA scoping report includes background on NMP2, outlines the broad policy context and environmental baseline, and proposes a draft methodology for assessment. The draft scoping report has been developed with input from key stakeholders.  

This consultation on the SEA scoping report for the NMP2 will run until 30 October 2023. Feedback provided during the consultation will feed into the SEA process. A summary of responses received and actions undertaken will be published in an annex to the Enivronmental Report. 

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Why your views matter

The Scottish Government aims to ensure that the sustainability appraisal process for the new National Marine Plan is open, fair and transparent. Comments provided during the consultation will help to enhance the Strategic Environment Assessment.  


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