Safe and Effective Staffing in Health and Social Care

Closed 5 Jul 2017

Opened 11 Apr 2017

Results updated 18 Jan 2018



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The proposals set out in the consultation document will focus intentionally  on the application of evidence based approaches to nursing and midwifery workload and workforce planning as there is already a validated framework, methodology and suite of planning tools that are mandated for use in NHS Scotland as part of Local Delivery Planning.  However, the consultation will seek views on extending this approach when methodologies are developed.

Any personal information will only be used for monitoring purposes and will not be shared. Respondents can choose if their response will be made public. The response, if requested, will be held confidentially by the Scottish Government.

Why your views matter

This paper seeks views on what we mean by safe and effective staffing; the requirement on Health Boards to apply the workforce and workload tools consistency; and the requirement on Health Boards to apply the tools in conjunction with professional judgement, local context and quality measures.

The consultation is open to everyone, but in particular we would welcome the views of those working in a healthcare setting.

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What happens next

Following completion of the consultation period analysis of the responses will be undertaken and published within 12 weeks of the consultation closing. The analysis will help inform the drafting and production of the draft Safe and Effective Staffing Bill.


  • Equality, Welfare and Rights
  • Health and Social Care
  • Work and Skills