Local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods: draft planning guidance

Closed 20 Jul 2023

Opened 27 Apr 2023

Results updated 20 Mar 2024


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This consultation is seeking views and comments on the draft local living and 20 minute neighbourhood planning guidance.

The guidance is intended to assist and support local authorities, communities, and others with an interest in local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods. It is expected to be of particular relevance in the preparation of Local Development Plans (LDPs), Local Place Plans (LPPs) and to support planning decision making. 

National Planning Framework (NPF4) includes a clear commitment to think differently about our places, including local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods putting climate and nature at the forefront, tackling long standing challenges and inequalities, and leading the transition to stronger, greener, fairer and healthier communities across Scotland. 

The draft guidance does not introduce any new policy requirements or duties and is simply intended to provide additional detail and clarification of existing policy in order to support effective and efficient implementation.

The consultation is open until the 20th July 2023.

Read the draft guidance document

Why your views matter

The guidance builds on comments received about local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods during engagement on National Planning Framework 4. We are asking for your views on the guidance in order to understand where you feel it may be improved or clarified to help shape the final version of it.

The guidance is clear that local liveability requires that places are inclusive and enable everyone to live well locally and to participate and contribute to decisions about their places.  It supports collaboration, participation and place-based working as essential components in the delivery of local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods.  Your views on these key components and any part of the guidance are welcome.

The guidance is informed by the associated Impact Assessment Report Update, on which your views are also welcome. 


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