National Planning Framework: Position Statement

Closes 19 Feb 2021

Opened 26 Nov 2020


The Position Statement sets out the Scottish Government's current thinking on the issues that will need to be addressed when preparing Scotland's fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4).  It draws on the ideas and evidence we received from a broad range of people and organisations through our early engagement programme. 

We currently expect that NPF4 will focus on achieving the following four key outcomes:

  • Net Zero Emissions;
  • Resilient Communities;
  • A Wellbeing Economy; and
  • Better, Greener Places.

The Position Statement considers these outcomes in turn and sets out in more detail the main issues that were raised during our early engagement; our emerging thinking on spatial priorities; and the potential changes to national planning policies that we are considering.

Why we are consulting

The Position Statement is an opportunity for the Scottish Government to set out how our earlier Call for Ideas is likely to influence the preparation of draft NPF4 ahead of formal public consultation and Parliamentary scrutiny in 2021.  This is an additional stage in the preparation process that provides a further opportunity to influence the direction of travel ahead of the preparation of draft NPF4.

Futher information on the National Planning Framework and the Call for Ideas can be accessed through the links below. 

Read the Position Statement.

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